Quote Management System

Quote Management System

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Quote Management system This system helps to send quotations to the customers. Quotations are the one that helps the customer to know the approximate value of the products or the services provided by the company. These quotes must be the approximate value of the products or they may create some disturbances between you and your customer. A quote management system involves the process of managing quotes that are related to a sales opportunity.

What is Quote Management System ?

Quote Management System helps to create quotes quickly and easily and this will also help you to improve your sales process and is suitable for any kind of business, it may be either small or large businesses.

Aim of Quote Management System

The main aim of the quote management system is to improve customers’ business efficiency in creating quotes. This also helps in mailing quotes, maintaining billing, shipping addresses and providing enhanced reporting features. This not only helps in creating quotes and also helps in converting quotes into an invoice.

Importance of Quote Management System

1. Automatic quote generation
A Quote Management system allows you to generate quotes without any errors. This will eliminate those errors that could occur due to manual entry. Discounts, taxes and additional items are calculated and represented in the quotes without any errors. These quotes that are created can be converted into sales orders and we can send an email or SMS with all the related information.
2. Save Time and Money
This Quote Management system saves your time and money as they can be sent to the customers through SMS or Email using this Quote management software.
3. Sales Operations can be performed efficiently
A Quote Management Software brings consistent growth in sales operations. By giving our products to the customers for a reasonable price, maintaining that consistent pricing and giving discounts to the bulk products. Quote management software also provides the customer’s data and the sales opportunities to the company’s software.
4. Strengthen the client and product information
A good Quote Management software manages your client and your product information and makes it available at the right time. This helps in storing your products effectively and engaging with your clients productively.

What can we do in Quote Management?

In the Quote Management System, we can create and send quotations to the customers either in the form of SMS or Email. Before creating a quotation we have to fill in some details like from date and expiry date of that quotation so that after that date that quotation will be not valid. We can make some notes here related to the quote. Then we have to fill in the Item details like the name of the item, quantity of the item, rate and the tax applied for that particular item. We can also add the discount for that item and finally calculate at the same place. So that we can get the total amount for the items that the customer was interested in.
We can download the quotation created. This quotation can be sent to the customer either by SMS or Email. We can view the details of that quotation created and can Edit them if needed. A quotation that you created can be deleted using the Delete button.


A Quote Management System is essential for any business to represent their products or services cost in an appropriate way to the customers and to keep on improving their company sales and this can be done by using good software that manages all your quotations. PHP CRM is the best software that manages all your quotations and will increase your profit rate. With PHP CRM’s exciting features, customers will feel satisfied in dealing with you.

Quote Management FAQs

1. What is meant by a quotation?
A quotation represents the approximate values of your
products and services to the customers.

2. Can we download the quotation created?
Yes, you can.

3. How can we send a quotation to the customer?
You can send a quotation through Email or SMS.

4. Can a quotation be deleted?
Yes, it can be deleted.

5. Can a deleted quote be restored?
No, it can’t be restored.