Inventory Management CRM Software

Inventory Management CRM Software

Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management CRM system keeps an eye on all the stock that is available in the company. This also helps in identifying the company’s assets, raw materials, supplies or finished items that are to be sent to vendors and customers. This system deals with ordering, storing and using a business inventory.

Example: I have a car business and I have to store the details of every car in my showroom. When any customer comes to my showroom and asks for a car for a test drive. Then I am giving my product in the form of a demo piece. Then I have to store that customer details and my car details. This is what we call an Inventory Management system.

What is Inventory management in PHP CRM?

Inventory Management system: This system is the one that tracks all your company’s products or goods produced from time to time and keeps you engaged with the system quantity so that they can’t be missed and can be identified easily.

What is the importance of Inventory management in PHP CRM?

Helps in producing only required number of products By managing an inventory management system we can understand the products demand and supply easily. So by knowing this there is no need to produce more goods or fewer goods. This prevents overstocking and understocking.

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By maintaining a good inventory management system also gives customer satisfaction as the customers never listen to the answer of out of stock from us. So, they enjoy being with us and also increase their orders. This helps to maintain a good standard of business.

Reduce facing financial problems - What can we do in Inventory management?

The inventory management system reduces the financial problems which is the main reason for the downfall of any company because many companies produce more products than required. This leads to the blockage of financial resources. With a proper inventory management system, we can make quicker decisions about the stock present in the warehouse.

We can add New Products, categories, tax details in this system. Here in PHP CRM, we can add the products produced and are available in our company by going on to the catalogue section and clicking on products. There you can add new product details or can edit the details of the previous product. If the product is not available then you can also delete that product information by clicking on that product and clicking on the delete button. To add new product details, we can click on Add New Product and fill the details related to that product like category of that product, name, price, currency, tax and the status of that product. To create a new category go to the categories section and click on Add Category. You can edit and delete the previous categories present in that category section. Here you can also add the New Taxes and New Tax Classes and can delete and edit the previous stored data of taxes.


An Inventory Management System is essential for any business to track their products or goods produced in the company so that we can deal with the customers easily and effectively. This also increases our business standards and improves the company sales. This can be done by using good software that manages all your Inventories. PHP CRM is the best software that manages all your inventories and will increase your profit rate. With PHP CRM’s exciting features, customers will feel satisfied in dealing with you.

Saves Place

This also helps to maintain a good warehouse space as it can be used for further plans. This also maintains effective savings and improves the product fulfilment for businesses and the warehouse can be utilized for managing inventory.